Improving IKEA’s SLABANG
The IKEA SLABANG clock leaves much room for improvement. This design makes it much easier to operate in the dark without requiring much new in the manufacturing process.
Telephonic Entry System
I redesigned a telephonic entry system so that users can jump to different parts of the directory and scroll more efficiently via a scroll wheel.
Auto Flush Toilet Control
This control operates on a proximity sensor that is much more sensitive and responds to deliberate interaction by the user.
Space Heater Control
Redesigned the three confounding temperature controls on my space heater to one, simple slider.
Redesigned Washing Machine Control
A simple backlit LED (multi-color) dial and a digital display to make washing quick and easy!
Garmin GPS Text Entry Redesign
-Triangular keys for increased accuracy
-Leverages existing keyboard archetypes
Thermostatic Radiator Valve
Redesign thermostatic radiator valve for effective and safe use.
Toaster Control
Redesigned digital control replaces ambiguous knob controls on a toaster with simple buttons.
Improved Parking Meter
I redesigned a parking meter to indicate time remaining from a distance and to incorporate a basic system for indicating maintenance issues
Refrigerator Control
I redesigned the controls for a refrigerator or freezer. I increased their visibility, made the units consistent and changed them from dials to sliders.
Car headlights control
Proposed redesign solution to help remind drivers to turn on their headlights while driving in dark conditions.
A control for crosswalks that provides improved feedback, visibility and feedforward.
Cigarette Lighter Redesign
This redesign makes it easier to use a cigarette lighter in cold and windy weather conditions.
Improved Ikea Floor Lamp Control
Control Redesign for the Ikea Floor lamp to provide users with more grip to turn the lamp control.
Heated Mirror Control
A redesigned method for activating the heated mirrors on a vehicle using the existing mirror positioning control.
Shower Faucet
A redesign of a shower faucet which allows the user to accurately regulate temperature and water flow, and remembers the last used temperature.
Audio/Visual Input Selector Redesign
This is a redesign of a Sony audio/visual input selector. Decided to move from a hard to read knob to an interface with radio buttons.
Smoke Detector Control
Smoke detector control that triggers the alarm based on the smoke level and lets you reset the alarm by waving at it if not an emergency.
Shower Radio Control
A control mat with large, easy to use buttons works as a remote control for the fundamental controls of your shower radio.
Kitchen Sink Faucet
Typical dual-knob faucets make it difficult to do kitchen chores like washing dishes . To save water and time, use a lever handle for the faucet and an additional foot pedal.
Crosswalk Button Redesign
I redesigned the crosswalk button to include a progress ring in order to improve its feedback for the user and other pedestrians.
A Simpler Coffeemaker
The coffee brews and is warmed for 30 more minutes. One good point that was brought up in class is that there could be feedback (lights?) when each step was completed.
Split vent control
Slider electronic remote to control the air flow in the split vents of room heating system. The solution is convenient, safe and provides feedback of the vent state.
Controls of a ceiling fan/lights
I redesigned the controls of a ceiling fan/light unit in my home. Changes were made so that continuous settings were available with better feedback and feedforward for all usage situations.
Magnetic Shower Curtains
Magnetic Shower Curtain is a control solution to make sure the shower curtain stays fastened against the bathroom wall using magnets.
Elevator Buttons
A redesign of elevator controls to address the existing problems in feedback, visual layout, ambiguity in visual icons, and unnecessary interactions found in the standard elevator.
Redesigned Automatic Toilet Control
The Prest-O door is an automatic switch on a bathroom stall door that activates upon opening the stall door to exit that flushes the toilet.
A Jar Ajar is a jar that feeds
Redesign of a jar lid with a rubber sleeve to suggest the direction of turning and to give more grip.
Smoke Detector Control
Extended control for smoke detectors so critical functions (silence false alarm, test battery) are more accessible, and alarm status is indicated.
My redesign retains the satisfying interaction of analog dimmers and convenience of digital products while avoiding their shortcomings. Unlike a remote or wall-mounted switch, my redesign re-links the control with the light source itself.
Monitor Display Settings Control
Currently, monitors have a confusing control to adjust the display settings. The design proposed here offers an intuitive interface to adjust display settings through the use of OLEDs guidance throughout the adjustment process.
Improved Toaster Oven
I redesigned a toaster oven’s control panel, reducing the likelihood of error and making the interaction conceptually more like that of a conventional oven.
Snooze Lever
SNOOZE LEVER creates a tangible interaction for the alarm clock snooze function that solves many of the problems of the all too familiar push button system.
Sustainable Wall Outlet
Wall outlet redesign to promote sustainable electrical consumption; design enables turning the outlet “off” (no electrical flow) and “on” (live outlet), and communicates time of consumption.
Improved IKEA Floor Lamp Control Design
For assignment 1, I redesigned an IKEA floor lamp’s light switch to control multiple brightnesses.
Redesigned Heater Remote
I redesigned the remote control for my heater. It lacks feedback and the icons are not informative of the functions of the buttons.
DVD sans Remote
My redesign argues for the placement of at least minimal controls (more than just the “PLAY” and “STOP” still found) on the front of the machines to ensure that they can still be used even when the remote control is misplaced or its batteries die.
iPod Shuffle Redesign
A redesign of iPod Shuffle 3rd generation, to move the control from the earphones to the device itself and have a more intuitive interaction using tactile and voice feedback.
Crosswalk signal controller
I redesigned the crosswalk signal controller which is hard to locate and know the time left until the walking signal. The redesign uses a mat instead of the push button and number to display the time left until walking and stop signal.
iPod Shuffle
Redesign of the indicator light and mode functionality on the second generation iPod Shuffle.
Washing Machine Controls
I redesigned the controls for a washing machine, making them more accessible for novices, while still maintaining the control needed by wash connoisseurs
Water Dispenser
Redesign of the water dispenser to take into account the following problems: water being too hot or too cold and child safety lock takes a lot of dexterity to use.
Temperature Control Remixed
This temperature control helps decrease energy consumption. It is different in that it allows the end-user to have more control within administrative bounds on the user’s environment.
Speaker Control
Redesigning a speaker control so that an intuitive rotating dial replaces a pair of non-intuitive touch pads.