03 Initial Findings

Observation I

General observation
  • Fewer people using site compared to other campus lawns
  • Site users were generally individuals or pairs of people
  • Used for lower energy, quieter activities


Informal interview I

Freshman studying
  • Quiet spot away from Frisbees
  • Near outlets
  • Near coffee
  • Cushier grass than near dorm
  • Uses Pausch Bridge in one direction but stairs to return

Informal interview II

Alumni with prospective student
  • Exploring campus
  • Headed uphill to find music
  • Took stairs on a hunch (top and bottom of stairs out of view)


Informal interview III

CMU Employees
  • Most direct access between UC and Doherty where they work
  • Quiet place to sit, chat, relax
  • Recent construction kept this area undiscovered
  • “Please don’t change [this]”

Basic Interaction Design 2010   |   Human-Computer Interaction Institute   |   Carnegie Mellon University