LED 04

5 Concepts

00 Needs Validation

Based on peer review and feedback from our advisors, we pared our 20 ideas down to five. We took these ideas back out to the field for needs-validation with users at the site. In order select the one idea we would prototype, we enlisted the help of several hillside users and used the speed-dating method for needs validation.  We showed participants our five concepts, one at a time, and a hypothetical scenario for each concept.  We then asked them if they ever found themselves in a similar situation and if our concepts would be something they could see themselves using.  Through speed-dating with five people, we gained a sense of what was important to them through their feedback and reactions to our ideas.

Needs Validated

  1. Desire to connect with nature
  2. Get away from noise, people, and technology
  3. Enjoy space without effort

Download presentation for the 5 concepts

Download presentation for the speed dating results

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