Research Synthesis Design Solution


03 Wireframes

We wanted to make sure it was clear what skills were involved with each recipe, so if the system is unaware that a user knows a certain technique, it is highlighted to alert them.

Steps are expandable to see more details, including a link to a guide on the required technique.

Video demonstrations would be incorporated for skills that require more than a text description. It would not be for each recipe, but a generic how-to of a given skill

We further developed the wireframes so our group had a shared view of the information flow

We thought maybe the system would greet the user and use a conversational tone to help them search, but found that it would be time-consuming for the returning user.

We envision tabs within the 'Skill Box' to guide the user through each cooking technique. Starred techniques are the skills users are trying to learn or practice.

We changed the recipe view to explain the skills only at the top, while each step could expand to show user comments. Rather than commenting on the recipe as a whole, we wanted to give users the ability to comment on specific steps - if they found a specific technique or modification worked better for them, they could share that advice

BID 2010 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University