Research Synthesis Design Solution



01 Overview

We synthesized our research data from the various methods and came up with the following list of 4 key findings –

  • People have no problem finding recipes online
  • People need help making recipes
  • People bring technology to the kitchen
  • People use technology at the grocery store

We narrowed our target users based on the following design directions
Novice vs. Expert Cooking
- More or less recipe/technique information
- Additional videos for novices
- Ingredient descriptions for novices

At home cooking vs. out shopping
- Different views depending on context
- Cooking “Dashboard” for while-cooking use
- Easy to read/print ingredient list for mobile use

Based on the research synthesis, we finally chose to focus on enhancing the cooking experience of techno-savvy users during the actual process of cooking by enabling easy access to recipes and efficient use of their time while they multitask through a number of steps as they prepare an entire meal.
Building on this focus, we wanted to include these services in the website -

Finding recipes 
Rating recipes
Meal planning

Already existing features

Stream-lined recipe steps
Hands-free interaction
Cooking “Dashboard”
Timeline View

Our value-add






BID 2010 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University