Research Synthesis Design Solution



01 Overview

Keeping in line with our focus areas and design directions, we developed our website to have a clean and organized look.  Our prototype includes functionality that allows for searching recipes based on keywords, planning a meal by adding one or more recipes, and cooking with an interactive dashboard.

Recipe search includes an efficient keyword based search and also allows the user to filter the search based on pre-existing options (for eg., “glutten-free”, “low carb” etc.).
The search results display standard information about the recipe, like the difficulty level, cooking duration and rating. The user can also click on a recipe to view it in detail and then optionally add it to the meal, or go back to browse for other recipes. While viewing a recipe, the user is also given complementary dish suggestions.

The “My Meal” pane shows the recipes selected by the user and dynamically calculates the total time required to cook the entire meal.

The interactive dashboard takes the user through steps for all recipes in the meal, interleaved to optimize the total cooking time. The user can progress through the steps by simply clicking through them, or by using audio input or keyboard gestures as the interaction technique.

BID 2010 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University