Research Synthesis Design Solution



01 Brainstorming Overview

Drawing from our insights and focus areas, here’s an overview of what we thought we would like to include in our design:

  • Cooking mode
    • Bigger text size
    • Press any key to go forward
    • Ingredients in-line with recipe
    • Maybe have it be a scrolling list that shows previous and next step smaller
    • Possibly show tips next to the steps in the cooking mode
  • Focus on web, but can show other media (mobile, print out)
  • Send out an email asking you to rate the recipe, ask for tips, serves as a bookmark for that recipe too
  • Cooking dashboard — has kitchen timer, can manage multiple recipes at same time, intermix steps
  • Indication of how many steps left, some sort of breadcrumbs
  • Allow users to record their own videos to upload to the recipe?
  • Social substitution management
    • What are easy/common substitutions
  • Novice vs. Expert
    • Novice would see more pictures, technique info, easy to follow description of ingredients
  • Mobile use
    • GPS -> grocery store
    • Where ingredients are located within the store


BID 2010 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University