A French Dinner Party

Kathy uses Soirée to help her host a dinner party for her girlfriends, themed around French food.


Kathy has created an event in Soirée and added three French recipes that look fun to make. She has been thinking about adding one more recipe to round out the meal.

Kathy has been using Soirée for several months. On a previous visit, she set up her profile, noting that she is an intermediate to experienced cook and her kitchen is well-stocked. Based on Kathy's skill level, Soirée will adjust preparation timing. Based on her describing her kitchen as well-stocked, Soirée guesses what appliances Kathy owns. Kathy skims this list, adding and removing a few items that the system misjudged.

Kathy visits Soirée on her laptop. She is greeted with a display of popular recipes, but none of them fit the theme of her party. She navigates to the "my soirées" area and finds the dinner party she created last week. She clicks on "Add Recipes" and is taken to the recipe finder. Kathy searches for French recipes and examines the results. The creme brulee looks tempting, but Soirée warns Kathy that it requires a torch, which she does not have. Kathy clicks on the beef bourguignon. She glances over the recipe's instructions, then adds it to her party. She skips ahead to the cooking page, getting an overview of how much time she'll be spending cooking before the party.

Having settled on a menu, Kathy asks Lyle to pick up the necessary groceries. Soirée generates a shopping list for the party, combining common ingrdients and categorizing the list. Kathy glances over the list, marking off ingredients she already has on hand. She adds a note to the item "parsley," so that Lyle knows to pick up fresh parsley rather than dried. Kathy prints off the list and gives it to Lyle as he leaves to run errands.

The afternoon of the party, Kathy brings her laptop into the kitchen and returns to the cooking page for her dinner party. Lyle has offered to help with the early preparation, though he'll be leaving the house before the party gets going. Kathy marks a few steps specifically for Lyle, so he doesn't need to constantly ask her what to do next. She prints out the full list of steps to keep next to her on the counter but leaves the laptop open on the other side of the room so she can refer to the cooking visualization.

Throughout the afternoon, Kathy checks in with Soirée to keep on top of the cooking. Lyle stops in occasionally to help out with the preparation. With Soir´e, Kathy finds her party planning running more smoothly, giving her more time to spend enjoying her dinner party while still creating a delicious meal.