Generating ideas

Our design process began by brainstorming an extensive list of functionality and features that addressed the needs, requirements, and breakdowns found in our user research data, personas, and scenario. After generating these ideas, we developed wireframes, detailing the specific interactions and features necessary to support the scenario.


Support varying skill levels, equipment availability
Sharing Recipes w/ others
Tracking what users purchased & used recently
Ingredients lists considering existing pantry supply
Support favorite / traditional family dishes
Adding personal recipes Recipe choice & system feedback
Use of multiple appliances: base level assumptions and then ability to tweak

Pre-Meal Planning

Specifying which dishes comprise a meal
Estimating cooking time based on experience
Nutrition Balancing for entire meal
Automatic shopping list generation
Printer-friendly / iPhone friendly shopping list
Fresh vs. non-fresh ingredient distinction
Calculator for scaling recipes to any number of guests
Conversion of store ingredients sizes to recipe ingredients sizes
Determine which ingredients are freshest (brand suggestion)

Recipe Discovery

Support in-context browsing for recipes
Physical manipulation of product labels Side-by-side product comparison
Making healthier dishes
Recipe box (storage)
Tagging & saving recipes
Advances recipe search
Search by cuisine, ingredients / exclusions
Recipe groupings (healthy, kid-friendly)

Meal Execution

Support varying skill levels, equipment availability
Support cooking ordering and sequencing
Tips about freezing / storing
Consideration of time to complete for recipes never made
Coordination / delegation of multiple-cooks
Demonstration for cooking terminology
Nutrition considerations (healthy cooking)
Smart dish preparation & equipment availability
Appropriate Freezing / Storage information