Lyle Carlson
Eager to learn


Lyle, 57, is Kathy's husband and lives with her in San Francisco. He recently retired from his job as an art curator. Lyle is originally from Arkansas, and his favorite meal remains steak and potatoes. High cholesterol runs in his family; his 60-year-old brother suffered from a heart attack several months ago. Kathy tries to convince him to replace steak with white fish, which he hates. He wants Kelli to be more independent now that she is in college. He's worried that she is going to move back in witih them after she graduates or, worse, move in with her boyfriend, Steve.

Cooking Experience:

Lyle is a cooking novice. Now that he is retired, he is trying to learn to cook to reduce the demand on Kathy, but he is accustomed to this being Kathy's domain. He is unfamiliar with many of the gadgets in his family's kitchen. He brings a shopping list with him to the grocery store but is sometimes uncertain which brand to buy.

Life Goals
Enjoy life after retirement and find new hobbies
Stay healthy
Encourage his daughter to be more independent

Experience Goals
To be treated like a human being (sometimes Kathy snaps at him for doing the wrong thing)
Support from his wife by building his cooking ability
Learn to manage multiple dishes
Receive praise when he does things right

End Goals
Help from his daughter so they can share in the process together
Feel confident about cooking
Learn to cook new meals
Know what to buy when at the grovery store
Learn how to use the "new-fangled" equipment in his kitchen
Show how much he is contributing as a cook