Kathy Carlson
The lifelong cook

Kathy, 53, works at San Francisco's Exploratorum handling donations. She lives in a 3-story house in Potrero Hill with her husband of 24 years, Lyle, and their Maltese, Curly. She has intermediate computer skills, is familiar with office applications, and owns an iPhone. Her daughter, Kelli, is 21 and a student at UCSF. Kathy encourages her to come home often and likes to send her home with leftovers so she knows Kelli is eating well at school.

Cooking Experience:

Kathy has intermediate to expert level cooking skills. She has been cooking for 35 years and her kitchen has accumulated plenty of equipment over this time. She uses her grandmother's pots and pans, so her cooking utensils are somewhat limited and she doesn't like other people cooking with them. She hosts Thanksgiving at her house which includes her sister, her sister's two young children: Jason, 8 and Sarah, 5, her in-laws, and Kelli's boyfriend of 3 years, Steve.

Life Goals
Keep her daughter safe and happy
Stay connected with her daughter through social gatherings at her home
Promote the health of herself and her husband
Keep the peace in her marriage

Experience Goals
Make great food
Finish cooking the meal on time
Please her guests
Feel confident in her cooking skills
Earn praise from the people she cooks for
Get her husband to share more of the cooking
Keep her niece and nephew happy during family gatherings

End Goals
Find new recipes
Find healthier recipes
Find recipes that look like they are hard to make, but are actually simple, to impress friends
Keep trips to the grocery store fast and efficient
During family events, get help cooking from her family