Exploration Generation Persona Final Design

In Uniquity, the valet represents an individual users guide toward achieving a particular style. On the surface, this represents a problem in that a particular look is simultaneously associated with a set of clothes that are seen as an iconic representation of that style. Through our Valet/Style matrix, we create a means for individuals to maintain a particular look while also adhering to event or fashion specific constraints.

For example, the combination of the Rocker Style may not, on the surface, lead itself to a decent swimming suit. With our matrix, we can accommodate for situational constraints such as swimming and carnivals or formal constraints that might include a wedding or a work summer party. Through the combination of our Valets and our Style options, we account for 56 different groups of clothes. Within these 56 different groups almost every available clothing option can be found.

BID 2010 | Human-Computer Interaction Institute - Carnegie Mellon University