Exploration Generation Persona Final Design

The basic premiss behind Uniquity is that we facilitate the proper styling of men based on their own inherent personal choices. To achieve this goal, we needed to focus on the idea of flexibility as it was associated with site navigation. At no point did we want the user to feel trapped or guided toward a certain choice. To that end we created a navigational structure that allowed our user to enter, exit and explore any section as they saw fit. In doing so, we created a virtual playground where they would feel comfortable learning about what suited them best and what might be a good purchase.

From the home screen we provide three options (four if they have visited the site before and logged in) from which they can then branch out into all the components of the experience. Upon initial inspection, the valet section of our site might appear to be guiding. In affording the option to change your mind, examine several different style options and even return to a different type of look, we give the user different options, further supporting a complete holistic exploratory experience.

BID 2010 | Human-Computer Interaction Institute - Carnegie Mellon University