Exploration Generation Persona Final Design

Christopher Johnson

Name : Christopher Johnson

Age : 26

Chris is a drummer for a rock band. His rock band tours regionally, but he also plays percussion for the Pittsburgh Symphony. The Pittsburgh Symphony tours nationally. When he plays with his rock band, he wears band t-shirts and jeans. When he plays with the symphony, there is a specific dress code that he needs to wear which is black-tie. Because of this, Chris has a standard tuxedo with a cumberbund, bowtie, chrome cufflinks, tuxedo pants, jacket and shirt. From wearing this tuxedo frequently, he knows how to get dressed in a tuxedo, including making a bowtie. However, that is all he knows about suits and does not know much more about fashion because he always wore band t-shirts and jeans outside the Symphony.

Chris' Goals:

Life Goals
  • Impress others
  • Get signed to a major record label
  • Work with Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones
  • Get married and have kids
  • Would like to start up a music school to teach kids how to play drums and other instruments
Experience Goals
  • Don't like making mistakes
  • Feel confident about what he does
  • Like adventures
  • Have fun
End Goals
  • To buy a nice suit that is fashionable for multiple ocassions
  • To learn about fashion and style with mensware
  • To feel comfortable buying clothing, espcically casual/formal wear
  • To look good for the ladies
  • Not spend too much time shopping for clothing in the future

BID 2010 | Human-Computer Interaction Institute - Carnegie Mellon University