Storyville: Synthesis

02 Scenario Exploration

Guided by our personas and focus setting, we developed various scenarios to explore design possibilities for city tours and retiree-friendly discounts.

Design Iteration 1

From these ideas, we created two usage scenarios. In the first, one of our personas travels to Pittsburgh and uses the app to discover information about local landmarks and to find senior discounts around town.

Scenario 1:    Bob in Pittsburgh

In the second scenario, our other persona uses the app to plan a trip in advance and to make spontaneous plans while on the trip.

Scenario 2:    Miko in Pittsburgh

Design Iteration 2

We later iterated on the design and functionality of our application, requiring us to create a second set of scenarios. In the first, our persona uses a large set of advanced functionality to create a tour, share travel tips, record audio, and even add pictures to an augmented reality database.

Scenario 3:    Miko in San Francisco

Our other persona tours the sights of San Francisco's Japantown.

Scenario 4:    Bob in San Francisco

In the end we did not go with these scenarios but pieces of them were later incorporated and working through them helped us discuss requirements, goals and contexts for our final design.

Basic Interaction Design   Spring 2011   |   Human-Computer Interaction Institute   |   Carnegie Mellon University