Storyville: Synthesis

01 Focus Setting

After research, we individually brainstormed possible ideas and design goals then met to affinity diagram for focus setting:

We then grouped our ideas into affinities that included:

  • Vacation-Planning
  • Location-Based Reminders
  • Volunteering Locally
  • Travel Guides
  • Happy Hour (socializing and deals)
  • Exploring Local Neighborhoods.

Given their range each grouping was analyzed along the dimensions of: fun, contextual cues, utility, social, independence and strong mobile need. These were qualities of a mobile app we thought retirees would want to use.

Ultimately we decided on the idea of happy hours (socializing and deals), and exploring local [communities and cities] at the end of our synthesis phase, although travel guides would also strongly influenced our final design.

Therefore this process was a great way to prime us for an iterative group design phase with multiple shred ideas as seeds.

Finally we brainstormed mobile application ideas related to our chosen foci and discussed the range of sensors and inputs currently in common use in mobile contexts. A mobile application that supports retiree-friendly discounts and tours was decided on for our 1st iteration, discussed further in the Design section.

Basic Interaction Design   Spring 2011   |   Human-Computer Interaction Institute   |   Carnegie Mellon University