Footprints is an iPhone app which allows you to capture experiences
and leave them behind to be treasured by friends and loved ones that
visit the same place later.
Foodle provides users a new platform to connect and meet new people as well as a chance to discover your next favorite restaurant!
Got it!
"Got it" is the perfect travel companion for the traveling recent retiree
who loves to purchase souvenirs and gifts for their loved ones.
Storyville is a mobile application that helps retirees create and explore audio tours of their local neighborhoods, contributing to a collective voice and preserving a shared history of our towns.
The Bucket App is a smart service and mobile application that helps
recent retirees check items off their bucket list while taking the
pain out of planning a complex daily itinerary
WisdomShare allows recent retirees to connect with their community while bridging the gap between generations by enabling retirees to share their knowledge with other locals in need of help.