Summary Research Synthesis Design Solution


03 Need Extraction

Having concocted the people we were designing for and the stories underlying their travel, we focused on extracting actual needs from these stories. We came up with a table including needs before, during and after the travel. Through brainstorming and critical analysis we established a table of possible application features.






- Research about Italy

- Learning language

- List of places/things to see

- Booking travel/reservations

- Coordinate with online community

- Research good stopping points

- Plan budget


- Coordinate w/ relatives and wife

- Translation (language barrier)

- Itinerary or wish list

- Navigating

- Keep track of budget

- Meet friends

- Take pictures

- Take notes

- Show pictures to others

- Learn techniques


- Sharing photos

- Journal (family trip, wine tastings)

- Tell others

- Stay in touch

- Reference notes, contacts, pictures

- Stay in touch

designed by James Mulholland, Pablo Bariola, Trevor Savage, and Eiji Hayashi
IID 2007 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University