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02 Back-story Elicitation

Once we'd settled on two primary user personas, we collaborated in eliciting the backstories for their travel, both in order to gain familiarity with the personas and how they act and to create a reference for future scenarios. Information from the previous table was used as a basis to elaborate scenarios for the previous personas.


Initial scenario for Paul

Paul is looking forward to meeting his cousins in Modena, Italy at a family reunion. However there is a lot to do before he leaves. He has also been trying to brush up on his Italian for the trip. It is important to him an Barbara that they visit the Museo del Risorgimento while they are in Modena in addition to the famous winery his cousin mentioned. Many of his friends are giving him suggestions as well from their own trips. All of these ideas are difficult to keep track of in his memory. Paul uses his iPhone and this MAGIC app to log all of these ideas to remember while in Italy.

While in Italy, Roger attends the reunion but is also interested in seeing other attractions nearby. He references his itinerary he developed before the trip and looks into visiting each location. He uses the application to help them find their way to the winery. On the way to the winery he found a nice restaurant, and made a small modification to his plan. The modification was shared automatically among family members.

After having such a great time in Italy, Paul and Barbara are happy to remember their travels abroad and keep in touch with their new family and friends. They also want to share the amazing things they did on their trip with others. Barbara is already telling her friends about this “must-try” dish they had. They also want to buy more wine from the places they visited or have similar styles.


Initial Scenario for Roger

Having followed the Woodworking Talk forum since before his retirement, and having recently become an active poster there, Roger was excited to find out that many of the forum members were attending the Woodstock Wood Show that is held yearly in Kentucky. Eager to learn more about his hobby and to make more connections within the community, Roger has begun planning his cross-country trip to attend the conference, coordinating his rendezvous with the other form members and charting out a path to Kentucky that keeps him within his budget.


Roger has arrived in Louisville, Kent. and already received messages from his friends on the woodworking forum telling him they have all arrived too. After a quick phone a call, Roger organizes an outing to a major restaurant close to the convention center to meet his friends for the first time. At the restaurant, Roger needs to find his friends and share pictures and notes and stories with them. Maybe they can teach him a thing or two.


Back home, he goes back to his recordings and pictures on new techniques for woodworking. He can also reach out to his new friends, that he met on the woodworking convention, and ask questions on those techniques.


designed by James Mulholland, Pablo Bariola, Trevor Savage, and Eiji Hayashi
IID 2007 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University