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01 Persona Creation

Having determined the user needs that we could satisfy using mobile technology, we proceeded to create scenarios in which both these needs and the prospective technology could be demonstrated.

We created a simulated questionnaire with a number of questions that would provide the primary information that will be needed to create personas. Three personas were defined through this approach.


Personas family reunion hobby person Paul's son
Name: Paul "Paulo" Anotinni Roger Henderson Peter Anotinni
Age: 61 66 30
Former occupation: Architect (still involved as consultant) Construction Civil engineer
Former income: $150,000 $65,000 105000
Yearly retirement budget: $80-100,000 $65,000 (union pension) N/A
Current location: Chicago Outside St.Louis Milwakee
Grew up on: Chicago St. Joeseph / (Kansas CIty) Chicago
Family's origin: Modena   Modena
Significant other’s name:
(wife, girlfriend, in a good relationship or divorced)
Barbara (in a good relationship, soon to be 40 years). Single Stable relationship
Children (): Peter, Frankie, Antonella none None
Pet:   Spot (dog)  
Smart phones: Former Blackberry for work, now got new iPhone got iphone as retirement gift Att iPhone
Computers: for work purposes, not much social communication extensive eBay communication, uses forums to connect with other hobbyists Yes, has been logging hours in Starcraft II recently
Willingness to use tech: utilitarian, but willing to use (uses for translation with family in Italy) interested in meeting people, making connections related to his hobby, to hunt down interesting finds All the time
Goals: “Motivators”
Life- To reconnect with his extended family. Explore his woodworking hobby and connect with other hobbyists. Extending the family, getting married, have children and maintain contact with extended family.
Experience- feeling connected to family, wants to be knowledgeable of culture and language feeling welcome, knowing where he'll be sleeping
remaining connected with girlfriend while traveling,
End- lots to get done during trip! complete reservations, plan itinerary safe trip, easy to find resources, meet with friends Follow his father's footprints and experience the things he did.
Travel as hobby? What other hobbies? Meeting others elsewhere who pursue the same hobby? Wine connoisseur, classic architecture Old furniture collector, carpenter Computer games
Which places - local/global? What is in those places Italy, Modena (visit family) Driving to wood-working convention in Kentucky "Woodstock Wood Show" Hiked Europe in college
How? airplane/car/boat Airplane car (pick-up truck, great condition) Airplane
What is “quality” travel? Should we define “high-end”? Wants good wine and nice things, not a huge budget Hot meal at local restaurant. Nothing too fancy, but should taste good Business class, fine dinner, good wine.
Technological literacy - when did he/she get a phone Got iphone 4 when retired 2 years ago Got iphone 4 as a retirement gift. Lots of experience with computers
WHY retiring? Slowly phasing out of firm "getting too old for this" , back and other minor things starting to be an issue N/A
Use anecdotes (e.g. misses his favorite food in San Antonio) He's excited to meet his cousin Fernando who promised to take him to "the best winery in Italy" heard there will be a specific reconstruction-era chair at the convention, eager to see it and meet others he knows from online community Paul passed away three years ago, and recently Peter received an email about the footprints that his father left while traveling in Italy. Eager to see the experiences that his father had firsthand, Peter decides to travel to Italy himself.
Mobile device
Personalities, e.g., openness Family is priority, has many friends but does not see them very often Open personality, generally outgoing, looking to meet new people Outspoken, family oriented, proud of his heritage



designed by James Mulholland, Pablo Bariola, Trevor Savage, and Eiji Hayashi
IID 2007 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University