Research Synthesis Design Solution

Hillman Library Full-o-Meter

Map 01


01 Speed Dating

Once we generated the final five ideas, we created storyboards out of the concepts and returned to Schenley Plaza to conduct "Speed Dating" interviews with park visitors.

Here is some of the feedback we recieved:

Donor Floor

  • People didn't show much interest in this concept
  • Only some said they would donate

Schenley Table Lights

  • People were concerned about saftey, especially being in a mostly unlit park with a light shining just on them
  • One interviewee expressed a lot of interest in the concept, but acknowledged the saftey concerns

Dino Education

  • This was a very popular idea, especially among children
  • One parent suggested giving simple prizes such as stamps

Scavenger Hunt

  • A similar suggestion regarding physical prizes such as stamps was given here, too
  • Most people did not express much interest in doing the scavenger hunt
  • Those that did said they would at least like the questions to change every once in a while in order to evoke renewed interest

Hillman Library Full-o-Meter

  • This was the most popular concept, by far
  • One group of interviewees had just spent half an hour scouring each floor of the library for someplace to sit and study, and therefore was very excited by the concept
  • Some expressed concerns regarding the legibility of the display from afar

Hillman Library Full-o-Meter. Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University