Research Synthesis Design Solution

Hillman Library Full-o-Meter

Map 01


01 Idea Generation

Based on the feedback that we recieved on our initial sketches and additional user research that we performed, we came up with five final concepts that focused on five separate areas of Schenley Plaza: the canopy tent, the Diplodocus Carnegii dinosaur model, the façade of Hillman Library, the historical landmarks within and surrounding the plaza, and the eating locations (i.e., the tables and chairs) on the west side of the plaza.

Below are high-fidelity sketches of these five concepts.

Donor Floor
Replace the donor bricks under the canopy tent with an LED display. Patrons of the park can then donate money at a kiosk and have their names added to the floor. The more they donate, the longer their name stays.


Schenley Table Lights
Add lamps to the tables on the west side of Schenley Plaza and light & pressure sensors to the chairs. When somone sits on a chair at night, the light is automatically turned on.

Dino Education
The dinosaur projects an interactive game for children to play, asking educational questions. In order to answer, the children must move around, being detected by an infrared sensor and a camera.

Scavenger Hunt
Kiosks to be placed at the various historical sites in and around the plaza. Clues for the location of the next site can be printed at each kiosk. Completion is awarded with free carousel rides or discounts at the food stalls.

Hillman Full-o-Meter
Display on the exterior of the Hillman Library indicating how full a given floor is. Interactive, multi-touch displays located inside the library allow users to browse the population history and predict trends.

Hillman Library Full-o-Meter. Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University