Research Synthesis Design Solution



03 Competitive Analysis

Based on our insights from our user research, we listed the key desired features and functionalities of a cooking website and we conducted a Competitive Evaluation to analyze the missing components from the existing websites. This was a key step in our research as it helped us focus on the areas of improvement in order to provide the user with a holistic cooking experience.
We looked at three cooking websites (viz., Epicurious, FoodNetwork and VegWeb) and the Whole Foods iPhone app as a part of our competitive evaluation. Our evaluation showed us that these services focus on the following features–

Finding recipes
Saving recipes
Rating recipes
Meal planning

Often used features

Social networking

Rarely used features




Detailed analysis of each of the websites and key observations can be seen here.


Anna Ostberg. Adi Veerubhotla. Aditya Sharma. Mike Sparandara. Nick Leonard
BID 2010 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University