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Describe and present your final solution. Use multiple pages for this section as you see fit. Use navigation links like those on the left to get between section pages, or to navigate to internal page links as necessary.

Embue this wireframe with elements of your project's design language. But, keep the link areas largely organized where they are (section links at top, sub-section page links at left side). The summary link (upper left) links back to your main project page (index.html).

Include descriptive text, sketches, diagrams, tables, screen-shots, and links as you see fit.

Include descriptions and links of your final deliverables -- e.g., physical model, video sketch, final presentation.

"Highlight important points, quotes, etc..."

Use consistent styles (e.g., work from and/or modify the iid_styles.css).

  • Summarize your findings
  • Summarize your findings
  • Summarize your findings

And, grow this page downward as you see fit

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