Exploration Generation Persona Final Design

"I know what style I want, but I don't know where to find it."

"I searched for a half an hour to find how to tie a single windsor knot."

As we conducted interviews with male shoppers we heard quite a few stories. The two quotes above are just some of the many insights we learned. Based on the stories, we realized the men often feel uncomfortable shopping when they don't know what they are exactly shopping for. They also ask for advice before shopping or go shopping with someone such as a significant other, mother, or best friend.

Some men don't quite know their style, and couldn't even put words to it. One person we interviewed had a good idea of his style, but didn't know how to implement it on a budget. A couple people mentioned having trouble searching for tutorials (like how to tie a tie) or information about fashion online. The best information, it seemed, came from how-to video tutorials.

From these directed storytelling sessions, it seemed that we would need to create a site that would help a novice user discover his style, while supporting a streamlined buying process for the user who knows what he wants. Our site would also have to be a receptacle for fashion information and tutorials in easy-to-use formats.

BID 2010 | Human-Computer Interaction Institute - Carnegie Mellon University