Exploration Generation Persona Final Design

Current Online Fashion Marketplace

Once we narrowed down the scope of our project, we took a look at what sites already exist. We looked at sites that offered a personalized experience, style suggestions and knowledge, as well as general online clothing shopping with a focus on fashionable lifestyle products.

What we found was that current sites do a good job of helping men who are experts at fashion and know their style and what they want. However, they do not support men who don?t understand their style to discover what that is, and then help them find where to get that look.

Uniquity's Target

We wanted our site to not just be a platform for shopping, but for learning as well. Our site would support both a novice user who needs help with basic fashion knowledge (how to tie a tie, where to buy a suit), and an expert user who wants more targeted fashion information. It would enable both general browsing and specific shopping goals.

BID 2010 | Human-Computer Interaction Institute - Carnegie Mellon University