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Directed Storytelling 04


04 Directed Storytelling

We used directed storytelling to interview users aboud their previous experiences with online clothes shopping. With this method, we were able to understand the challenges of the current clothes shopping websites and how they felt about the purchasing process. User's mental models of the website were captured as well as their desired needs to improve the online experience.

All users classified themselves as “quick-and-done” shoppers.

Download Directed Storytelling Transcripts [PDF]

Problems that prevented a quick shopping experience:

  • Figuring out various size and fitting for each store
  • Users do not create online accounts or save credit card information and often have to enter a lot of forms
  • Taking time to confirm their order information is correct

Clothing Websites Our Users Purchased From:

- Forever 21
- Martin + Oso
- Victoria Secret
- Banana Republic

BID 2010 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University