Research Synthesis Design Solution


Final Result 01


01 Final Result


Here the user selects the retailers they would like to search from.

Search Results

After the user inputs a search the results are shown in each of the retailer's widgets. All the selections are presented and the users can view them. The top tabs shows that the user can sort the results by stores and prices.

Features include:
- Aggregating items from retailers to show
- Dashboard view to allow immediate searching and holistic viewing

Detailed View

If an item is selected, a litebox is presented to show the multiple views of the clothing in detail, short description, colors, size, and price. The user can also select the amount of quantity to purchase here.

Account Setup

User enter in their master account information so other retailers can use to submit their order forms. This way users only have one master account to maintain to shop from multiple sites without re-entering information.

Features include:
- Saving size preferences for retailers
- Payment preferences such as credit cards to use for specific retailers (including retailer's credit cards to earn points)
- Shipping and Billing information


After user selects "Buy" a one page confirmation is presented to show all the items in the cart. Here the user can also select the shipping method.

The advantage of this design is that user doesn't have to go through mutliple pages to confirm their order or re-enter order information, such as shipping address and payment since a master account resolves all of this. It is only a one-page confirmation.


Afte submitting their order, the user's purchase process is timed and gets added to the community game of expediate purchases. Top 10 speedy purchases will get a discount off their next purchases.

This game is only an complimentary idea and is not a main design concept. It's a fun twist to the Accelerate site to create an identity and community of buyers who are speed shoppers alike.

BID 2010 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University