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Brick and Mortar 03


03 Brick and Mortar

We explored how users currently experience in the real-world by going to retailers and observing the users in the physical space. Through this research, we hope to understand how the advantages of the physical purchase process can be mirrored through an online concept.

American Apparel

Seemed like people here were mostly just hanging out. While being in the store, there were 5 other customers: two college-aged guys that were walking around the store and talking, looking at merchandise only occasionally, and two college-aged girls and a guy that were just chatting with the store employees. No one bought anything, mostly perusing.

Pitt Stop Store

A man around 50 years old with a professional looking camera, was slow-shopping for an Under Armour brand jersey shirt. He was wearing Under Armour brand gloves and hat. He would look at a couple of shirts, feel the fabric, and hold them out at armís length in front of him. He also took the time to feel the embroidered logo on multiple shirts. They were in a couple of places in the store and he spent about 8 minutes appraising them in one spot for a while, walking to the other shirts, then walking back to the first ones to look some more. After the 8 minutes he left without buying anything.

A college-aged woman, entered the store and grabbed a blue Pitt hoody ($15) within 30 seconds. Then she went to the menís section and had a phone call for about 45 seconds. It seemed like she was asking someone if they wanted something specific. She then paid and left the store

Pitt Stop: On Forbes St.

People are forced to walk through this ďstoreĒ because itís in the middle of the sidewalk. There is a limited selection and it was fairly cold outside.

A larger, college-aged man, walked up to the outdoor shop and bought two t-shirts in about five minutes. Initially he browsed a little, but got assistance from the vendor within a minute to help look for shirts on the racks and to look within plastic bins for the right size. He picked two Pitt shirts, one in blue and one in navy blue, paid, and left.


BID 2010 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University