The Design.

Our persona and initial scenario guided our design considerations to mitigate the lengthy coordination it took for spontaneous fun to occur: seeing if the other person is also free and interested, deciding and arranging plans and getting a babysitter – all tasks that can be integrated and handled on an iPhone. 

This led to our initial concept of LeSparqe Upon further examination, the system was determined to be unnecessarily complex and not delivering on the promise of its name “LeSparqe.”

Our revised concept heartON simplified requirements and is designed for an individual user to find the free time and initiate making plans. The romantic individual can set recurring goals for what gestures of affection he or she would like to make. Varying degrees of disclosure can be used to create intrigue and excitement for the other person.  This is a light-hearted app, as suggested by its name and meant to feel fun and easy to use.