The solution in action.

Jason just discovered the heartON app while looking for a better couple’s calendar. By linking to Anne’s calendar he now gets alerts when an opportunity arises for him to make a romantic gesture. He adds a custom goal to “stop by for a quickie” and snickers to himself.

Frame 1: Home - Click heartON icon
Frame 2: Goals - Click "+" on upper right
Frame 3: Add New Goal - Click "Custom" near the bottom
Frame 4: Add Custom Goal - In "name" field, type "Stop by for a quickie", hit "Save" button at top
Frame 5: Goals (confirm) - Click anywhere
Frame 6: New Goal Option pop-up - Click "View"
Frame 7: Goals/Stop by for a quickie - Click "Tuesday 2-23"
Frame 8: Schedule an Event - Type in Notes field "Bring tulips", hit "Save" button at top
Frame 9: Goal Scheduled - Click "Yay!"

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