Initial Concept: LeSparqe.

Committed to spend more time together, Jason and Anne download LeSparqe to help them find free time and make plans. Anne’s late night at the office was cancelled at the last minute. She deletes the event and both she and Jason are notified that tonight may be a good night! They start making arrangements for an impromptu date night using LeSparqe.

Once an event has been deleted, this triggers an alert to both Anne and Jason about free time and one or both parties can initiate getting together.  The following wireframes show Jason and Anne’s respective views so that they can split the tasks of getting a sitter and making dinner reservations.

The problems we discovered with this concept:

  • Babysitter calling queue feels impersonal
  • Long, complex sequence to make and confirm plans
  • Missing the “spark” element
  • Doesn’t track sparkage for getting together
  • Initiating plan and division of labor is confusing