Camera Controls
Redesigning the controls, layout and labels of the Sanyo VPC-HD1000 Digital Video Camera.
Alarm Clock Button Resdesign
An IKEA Slabang alarm clock redesign for the snooze button and the set time buttons to allow for easy time setting and mode.
iPhone earphones
Redesign of iPhone earphones to make functionality of changing songs more explict.
Faucet Handle Bookmarking
Faucet Handle Bookmarking retro-fits hot and cold handles with a way to digitally bookmark a preferred setting. This reduces time spent futzing with hot-cold ratio and flow and saves water.

Jawbone Surgery
The jawbone Bluetooth headset was designed with the aesthetics being the main priority of the device. The one button, one beep interface was corrected to create a better affordance for the headset.

Car Tire Air Valve
Redesigned car tire air valve and dust cap to be easier to handle, open/close dust cap and provide feedback about tire pressure when filling air.
Insignia Bluetooth Headphones
Insignia Bluetooth Headphones can be improved by introducing new controls that offer adequate volume adjustment and provide physical feedback about the state of the device while the headphones are worn.
I decided to redesign the scrubber to make the cleaning
experience more grippy( add grip to the control) and changing the position
of the squeeze button to make it convenient to press and us.
Bike Thumblock Nozzle
The thumb-lock nozzle found on bike pumps is awkward to connect and lock into place. The proposed redesign allows the user to apply force in a more natural way.
Household Circuit Breaker
A feed-forward redesign of a common household circuit breaker
George Foreman Grill
The power switch on a George Foreman grill is placed dangerously close to the heating surface and could cause injury. Changing the location and form of the switch makes the grill easier and safer to use.
Apple's Earphone Controls
A redesign of earphone controls which affords easy access to controls without having to interact with the touch screen.
Sound Isolation Earphones
Sound isolation earphones can be dangerous for the user as they impair hearing. Connecting a smartphone with software that processes an audio input could generate an alert for the user.
Knob for Light
Redesign of knob on standing floor lamp
to increase affordance, grip and intuitiveness.
Seven-inch Interactive Single
The seven-inch interactive single (siis) enables a more pleasant listening experience combining analog and multi-touch interaction with the advantages of web-connected enhancements.
Ceiling Fan
This project is to redesign two pulling chains of a ceiling fan light.
Solutions are made be making controls distinguishable and related to the corresponding function
Elevator Control
This new elevator control design incorporates the card reader into the button display and uses a digital display to instruct the user to slide their card.
ModeDial Athletic Watch
Touch-sensitive regions are replaced with a mechanical ring, allowing the user to switch between modes. Knurling, mode labels and an indicator of the current mode provide feedforward.
Floor Lamp Controls
Redesigned rotations switches for floor lamps. In the new design, you can touch the pole to turn the lamp on/off, and slide you hand to adjust its brightness.
Sony's W series Walkman
A redesigned model of Sony's W series Walkman controls with emphasis on bigger and better controls to provide easy "out of sight" operation.
Toilet Flush
To address the problem that while thousands of people fly every day and use public toilets at airports, touch-free toilets flush excessively and waste water, I present a button projected into the air that flushes only when "pressed" virtually.
iPhone Home Button
I explored three different directions to implement the home button function on iphone to solve the annoying situation that home button doesn't response when you press it.
Toaster Timer
The newly designed Toaster Timer replaces the dial for selecting minutes for toasting with a slider. The slider solves the problem of ambiguous number markings and unclear pointers.