As the tag line suggests, is like a personal stylist that helps the shopper be stylish and smart at the same time.


The Website is Smart is not just an online clothing retailer; it also helps the shopper find her style and makes personalized recommendations. It also keeps track of purchases for the shopper's style “evolution”.


The Shopper is Smart is for shoppers who want to strike a good balance between trendy impulse buys and classic investment pieces.

The website also there to educate the curious shopper about fashion history and significance.


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How do I find my style?................. Style Finder

What are good investments?................... Investment Recommendations

How do I not go broke?.................... Wish List Management


Style Finder


The Style Finder quiz is similar to quizzes found in fashion magazines. It is short (only 10 questions) and contains fun questions that are both fashion and non-fashion related.


Quiz results use style icons for easy style association. For example, Audrey Hepburn and Natalie Portman would be used to represent the classic style, while others like Marilyn Monroe and Megan Fox would be used to represent more sexy styles. Beyond pinpointing the shopper's style, the quizzes also help the website provide accurate sizing information by comparing the sizes of the piece for sale to brands the shopper is already familiar with. It can also find out about the shopper's shopping budget so that it doesn't show the shopper products that are too outrageously priced for the shopper.


Click here to see sample quiz questions.


Investment Recommendation


Highly recommended investment pieces are marked with JEVEUX's logo, the feather. To help shoppers understand the significance and lasting power of the piece, a short history of the "story of the piece" will be shown. In addition, shoppers may need justification for more expensive pieces, so the website will also offer different ways of wearing the piece.


Wish List Management


One of the most unique features of is the Wish List. Shoppers add pieces that are "just out of reach" to the wish list. The shopper can additionally configure how the Wish List pot will be funded -- how much money will be deposited and how often. The source of the deposit can range from savings accounts, credit cards, to PayPal. When the cost of an item in the Wish List is satisfied, the shopper will receive an email and/or SMS text notification.


The Wish List allows shoppers to keep their fashion budget in check. Furthermore, as incentives to encourage responsible financial management, there will be rewards like:


Website Prototype

Below is the screen flow for the website prototype. It steps through two scenarios.

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