Persona & Scenario


From our research data, we created a persona. We used this persona to guide us in the design process. We wanted to create a clothing retail website that would be perfect for a fashion conscious new college graduate, specifically:



Yay, graduation!

Yay, first job!

Yay, money!

How do I find my style?

What are good investments?

How do I not go broke?


Claire McPherson



Age 22
Currently resides in Los Angeles
Works as an animator’s assistant


Claire recently graduated from college and got her first job as an animator’s assistant. She doesn't have much savings and still has student loans to pay off, but she’s looking forward to having a steady income!


No more cheap, throw-away clothes! I want some REAL clothes...And maybe a cute pair of boots. :)


She has always enjoyed fashion and now with an income, she wishes to upgrade from cheap, disposable goods to quality staple pieces. She’s looking to develop her style while striking a balance between buying trendy and classic pieces.

She grew up in a middle class family. She’s very close with her family, especially her older sister, who’s been working for a couple of years already.


I’m so lucky to have even found a job. If there’s anything this economic crisis has taught me, it’s to live within your means!!!


Scenario 1: The Hunt For the Little Black Dress


Claire needs a little black dress for a work function but doesn’t think what she currently owns is suitable. Her older sister, Julie, recommends that she takes a look at Claire visits the website and starts off by taking the Style Finder quiz. (The Style Finder quiz is a quiz that helps the shopper find her style by asking her 10 multiple choice questions, similar to a fashion magazine quiz. See the solution page for more detail.)


Scenario 2: Investing in a Trench Coat


Claire notices that a mid-length trench coat is a highly recommended investment for the upcoming spring season.
She doesn’t have the cash for it right now, so she decides to add the coat to her Wish List. (The Wish List is a feature that allows Claire to save progressively towards investment pieces that are currently out of reach. See the solution page for more details.)