Ideation Persona Scenarios Final Design

Early Morning 6AM-8AM

  • Wakes up at 6 AM
  • Drags herself out of bed, and prepares breakfast for kids
  • Unloads the dishwasher while the kids eat.
  • Cleans up after childrens' breakfast mess
  • Takes a shower, while the kids watch Sesame Street
  • Dresses the kids, packs lunch, and heads out for pre-school

Morning 8AM-11AM

  • Drops the kids off at pre-school at 8 AM
  • Runs errands including grocery shopping, going to the post office, getting her car fixed
  • Squeezes in some hobbies: blogs about her life, yoga, spinning class, meets friends for goodies and coffee

Afternoon 11AM-4PM

  • Picks Steph and Lena up from pre-school
  • Takes kids to a local park for some active play at a playground structure or with other toddlers
  • Takes them to science museum, library for reading time, zoo, or other educational places
  • Bring kids home for lunch and a two hour nap

Evening 6PM-9PM

  • Prepares dinner for herself and the children
  • Bathes the children
  • Calls Rick and puts him on speaker phone for a 30 minute conversation, allowing the children to recount their day
  • Prepares the children for bed, and reads a bed time story
  • Enjoys personal time catching up on the days news, writing emails, and reading, before going to bed
BID 2010 | Human-Computer Interaction Institute - Carnegie Mellon University