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Jillian Rousseau

Jillian Rousseau is a 33-year-old stay-at-home mother. All her close friends call her Jill. She is originally from Montreal, Canada, where she attended McGill University to obtain a degree in Journalism. After graduation, Jill landed a great job with the New York Post, which is how she ended up in Manhattan. This is where she met her husband, Rick, through a mutual friend from work. Rick is a consultant, so he usually travels a lot. He has been the breadwinner of the family since Jill gave birth to their wonderful twins, Stephen and Lena, and decided to put her career on hold to be a full-time mom.

Stephen and Lena are now 2 years old and appear to have endless amounts of energy. Jill and Rick's upper west side apartment, however, is small, without enough room for the kids to play or exercise at home. Wanting her children to get enough playtime, Jill is always on the lookout for nice locations to take them to. In addition, Jill does not want to hire a babysitter, so she takes Stephan and Lena with her when running errands. This only means she has to be even more creative with finding appropriate places for the kids to play, especially when she is in unfamiliar neighborhoods.

When she is not with her kids, or running errands, Jill likes to blog about her personal life and her observations about being a parent of twins in Manhattan.

Jillian's Goals:

Life Goals
  • Be a good mother
  • Keep her children happy and healthy
  • Be the best wife she can be
  • Preserve the memories of her children the best she can
  • Wants to be a blogger
Experience Goals
  • Feel confident
  • Feel in control of whatever she is doing
  • Not miss opportunities & moments
  • Feel like a good mother
End Goals
  • Capture and record moments with her children
  • Connect with other parents
  • Find friends for her children
  • Help her children to have fun
  • Encourage her children to exercise
  • Wants to find new public places to take her children

BID 2010 | Human-Computer Interaction Institute - Carnegie Mellon University