Ideation Persona Scenarios Final Design

Recommending Locations To A Friend

Jillian has some free time and decides to spend it at a coffee shop with a friend. She gets out her phone, opens Opportune, and shows some of her recently taken photos of her children to her friend. While browsing the photos, Jillian recalls a park that she thinks would be suitable for her friend's kids. She shows her friend shots of park scenery.

Connecting With Another Parent

Jillian notices she has recently taken her children to some great locations that have been tagged by a particularly prolific user of the application. The user, "Julliet", has a basic profile and contact information in the system. Jillian emails the parent asking if her children are interested in having a playdate.

Exercising The Kids

While waiting in line at the pharmacy, Jillian takes out her iPhone and opens Opportune. While looking at the activity view, Jillian notices that she hasn't taken her kids outside in some time and they haven't had enough active play. Browsing some photos of nearby tagged locations, she notices one park that has various play structures, and seems to be particularly populated by other children. Jillian decides that she will take her kids to the park after the pharmacy.

BID 2010 | Human-Computer Interaction Institute - Carnegie Mellon University