Ideation Persona Scenarios Final Design

Ideation: brainstorming, sketches, scenarios and wireframes

Our ideation process began with individual brainstorming and sketching followed by a creative group brainstorming session. We sifted through the large number of ideas, and extracted a set of functionalities that together would form an interesting, innovative, and comprehensive application concept.

Target Users

Our application targets the parent of at least one toddler. These users generally have to juggle taking care of the kids and the household, while also trying to squeeze in some personal time.

Design Space

Stay-at-home parents often have to multitask. For example, stay-at-home moms often bring their kids with them while running errands. However, young children are very unpredictable and oftentimes the only way to calm them down is to take them to a place where they can run around and play with other kids. Unfortunately, this is often difficult to accomplish on the go, especially when in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

Considering these challenges, our target user could benefit from a context-sensitive information retrieval service, providing relevant information about suitable nearby playgrounds, grounded on the location of use.

BID 2010 | Human-Computer Interaction Institute - Carnegie Mellon University