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Exploring a day with Ray before CareWear and after CareWear:


Before CareWear

After CareWear

10:00 PM night before

Due to historical data on Slimer the app sends an alert to Ray that Slimerís temperature is slightly elevated which may mean heís getting a new tooth. The alert notes that if the fever continues or worsens it could indicate an ear infection. Either way, the app suggests Ray give Slimer Childrenís Ibuprofen to help with the pain and allow Slimer to sleep through the night. Ray checks Slimerís mouth and sure enough, a new tooth is breaking through. Ray gives Slimer the medicine and confirms the new tooth on the app.

3:14 AM

Ray and Dana awake to Slimerís cry. Dana has work tomorrow, so Ray gets up and tries to figure out why Slimer is crying. He checks the diaperÖ nothing. He gives him some juice and Slimer throws it on the floor. Ray tries just holding Slimer for 5 minutes but he still canít calm him down. Ray notices that Slimer feels a little bit warm so he takes Slimerís temperature. Itís 99 degrees Fahrenheit. So, Ray gives Slimer some Childrenís Tylenol and a cool wash cloth. Ray finally gets Slimer to sleep at 5am.

6:00 AM

Slimer is a little fussy. Ray gives him a wet washcloth to chew on and some Childrenít Tylenol. Slimer goes back to sleep.

7:30 AM

Slimer wakes again crying. Ray checks his temperature, but there is no fever. Ray changes Slimerís diaper and puts a pull-up on Slimer. Ray feeds Slimer breakfast. While Slimer is playing with his food, Ray makes a to-do list for the day. Yesterday Ray wasnít able to go running or grocery shopping because Slimer was in a ďmood.Ē So, those are the first two items on the list. Today Ray also wants to be sure to clean the house and do laundry. Ray needs to get the oil & filter changed on his car, but because Slimer isnít feeling well, heíll push that off until later in the week.

Slimer wakes up again. Ray gets an alert that Slimerís fever is gone. Ray takes a picture of what heís feeding Slimer (for the app) and then gives him breakfast. While Slimer is playing with his food, Rayís phone shows him his weekly goals and shows the urgency of each one. It also predicts, based on Slimerís current mood and health, the likeliness that each task can be accomplished today. Ray selects that he will give Slimer a bath, get the car an oil & filter change, go to the grocery store and complete a 2 hour run.

9:00 AM

Ray lets Slimer watch Dora the Explorer. The app alerts Ray that now is a good time to do a run. It recommends breaking up the run into 2 Ė 1 hour segments.

10:00 AM

Ray gets an alert that itís Slimerís snack time. The app notifies Ray that because of Slimerís new tooth he should eat something soft. Ray gives Slimer mashed bananas and apple juice.

10:30 AM

Ray puts Slimer down for a nap. It takes Slimer 20 minutes to fall asleep. Ray finally has time to himself! He knows that he should use this time to jog on the treadmill, but he canít drag himself to go do it. He will either push it off until tomorrow or wait until Dana comes home and do it then. Ray puts away the laundry and then sits down to drink a cup of coffee.

Since the app is aware that Slimer will behave best if he has a nap in the afternoon and that if he has one in the morning he wonít take one in the afternoon, it alerts Ray that now is a good time for grocery shopping. Ray is able to make it all the way through is shopping trip, but towards the end Slimer gets fussy. Sensing the change is Slimerís mood, the app sends Ray a task exchange. The app suggests avoided the oil & filter change because Slimer is getting restless and instead replacing it with another weekly goal: doing laundry.

12:00 PM

Ray starts to make lunch and hears that Slimer woke up. He gets Slimer and feed him. He gives Slimer a pb&j sandwhich broken into pieces and a glass of milk.

Ray makes lunch for Slimer: tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich. Ray takes a picture of the lunch and the app sends him an immediate alert that when Slimer has dairy he gets cranky a few hours later. Since Ray wants to avoid afternoon temper tantrums, Ray takes the grilled cheese sandwich for himself and instead gives Slimer a turkey sandwich.

12:45 PM

Ray gets to the store and starts shopping. He notices that Slimer is getting fussy. He tries to distract him but really needs to get the shopping done. In the cereal aisle Slimer gets grabby. He wants a box of cereal that has Sponge Bob Squarepants on it. Ray tells him ďnoĒ and Slimer begins to cry and tries to crawl out of the cart. Slimer begins to cry louder and louder. Ray cannot get him to behave. Ray needs to finish the grocery shopping but is embarrassed by Slimer. He grabs a few more items and then leaves.

1:30 PM

Ray and Slimer get home. Slimer is still wailing. Ray assumes itís because of his new tooth and gives him more Childrenís Tylenol.

The app alerts Ray that now is the optimal time for Slimerís nap. The app also alerts Ray that he should do the second part of his run now. After Ray finishes his run, the app alerts Ray that the daily goal was met.

5:00 PM

Dana comes home. The house is a mess. Sheís had a long day, and she yells at Ray for not cleaning up. Rayís had a long day too. Ray ends the day exhausted, upset with Dana, and feeling guilty for not getting a jog in.

Dana gets a notification so she knows what kind of a day Ray has had. It tells her which of the tasks were completed, if there was a task exchange, and which of the weekly goals are still left, in case she has time to help out. Dana gets home. The family sits down to a nice dinner and everyone is happy.

A Recap of the Day:

Before CareWear

After CareWear

Ray doesnít know why Slimer has a fever.

Ray knows Slimer just has a new tooth coming in.

Ray puts Slimer down for a morning nap.

Ray only puts Slimer down for an afternoon nap.

Ray gives Slimer milk, unaware that Slimer has lactose allergy.

Ray gives Slimer food that will not make him moody.

Ray does not get his goals to run for the day done.

Ray gets in his 2-hour run.

Ray canít read the signs of Slimerís behavior to properly plan when to accomplish his own goals.

Ray successfully understands the dynamics of Slimerís behavior and plans his day around it.

BID 2010 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University