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Background Research

Talking to Parents of Toddlers

We spoke with people we knew who had young children and casually discussed some of the challenges of parenting toddlers.

Literature Review on Parenting Struggles

We found academic resources that recorded parenting struggles with a toddler.

  • Young, Kathryn T., Davis Karen, and Schoen Cathy. The Commonwealth Fund Survey of Parents with Young Children. August 1996. Web.
  • O'Brien, Marion. "Child-Rearing Difficulties Reported by Parents of Infants and Toddlers." Journal of Pedriac Psychology 21.3 (1996): 443-46. Web.

Both papers helped us understand that parents struggle with:

  • idenitfying health problems in their toddlers
  • finding time or knowing the importance of reading to their children,
    which in turn encourages brain development in their children
  • managing their own emotional health
  • finding time for themselves

Looking for Stories on Parenting Websites

We looked at several parenting blogs and websites to glean insight into what support parents need. At this point, we started to concentrate in on needs of stay-at-home dads.

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