Research Synthesis Design Demo



Goal Screen

A goal is a long-term objective for a parent. Since it usually has a larger purpose, the user can associate certain tasks and appointments to it. For example, a user who has a goal of running a half-marathon in six months might put in tasks to run certain distances as well as doctor appointments to ensure the safety of running the race.

The goals screen of CareWear displays a list of all the goals the user has stored in the phone. Since goals can have intermediate tasks assigned to them, the number of remaining tasks for that goal are displayed next to the goal. From this screen, the user can look into more details about the goal, including a title, date, and location. The user can also associate existing tasks and appointments or can add new tasks and appointments to the goal.

Each goal on the goal screen has a box that the user can check off to indicate a goal is complete. A simple swiping "checkmark" motion will mark a goal complete.

BID 2010 . Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University