A partial listing of some press over the years. Most can be found these days via my twitter feed.



Critical Making Comes to Campus in Berkeley Engineer Magazine (Spring 2013) by Dan iel McGlynn (spread)

Singapore Bus Study Reveals Hidden Social Networks in Scientific American by Sarah Fecht (23 July 2013)

TICs al servicio del ambiente in La Hora (15 Jan 2013)

The Rise of the Expert Amateur: Citizen Science and Neo-Volunteerismn in Link Magazine @ CMU (Spring 2010)


Experimental interaction unit: commodities of Mass destruction in Leonardo by Anuradha Vikram, Vol. 42, No. 4, pp. 324–331, 2009

Technological devices offer glimpse into future in Miami Herald by Bridget Carey (6 Oct 2009)

Beyond the iPhone: Orlando conference to offer peek at computing future in University of Florida News by Aaron Hoover (23 Sept 2009)

Citizen Scientists feature story by Carnegie Mellon University (12 August 2009)

Environmental sensors in mobile phones on PRI: Public Radio International (30 June 2009) (listen to radio interview)

Mobile Phones: Sensors and Sensitivity in The Economist Magazine (4 June 2009)

The Environmental Sensors in Cell Phones by Robin Young on Here and Now (10 June 2009) (listen to radio interview)

Mobile Phones for Science by Virginia Prescott on New Hampshire Public Radio "Word of Mouth" (7 May 2009) (listen to radio interview)

Cell phones may measure personal environment in SmartMobs by Judy Breck (4 May 2009)

The Tricorder Arrives by Emily Anthes in SEED Magazine (1 May 2009)

Eric Paulos: móviles, sensores y ciencia ciudadana by Manuel Maqueda in (18 March 2009)

Citizen Science: How Smartphones Can Aid Scientific Research by Erica Westly in Popular Mechanics (13 March 2009)

Cellphones for Science by Prachi Patel-Predd in IEEE Spectrum (1 Feb 2009)

Scientists want to put sensors into mobile phones in Ghana Business News (1 Feb 2009)


Intel works on tiny devices for eco-technology in San Francisco Chronicle David Baker(6 December 2008)

Trends and Products: Urban Sensors radio interviewby Alan Saunders in By Design for Australian Broadcasting Company (21 June 2008)

Researchers' Enviro Sensors Hitch Rides on Street Sweepers by Alexis Madrigal in Wired News (11 June 2008)

Wireless Technology for Social Change: Trends in NGO Mobile Use, United Nations Foundataion Publication, May 2008

A World of Witness in The Economist (12 April 2008)

Activists Phones and Long Term Research in East Bay Express by Eliza Strickland (19 March 2008)

Scientific Americans in Common Ground Magazine by Jessica Kraft (March 2008)

Vapor Symposium in SF Weekly (19 March 2008)

Breathe Deep the Gathering Gloom by Michael Leaverton in SF Weekly (12 March 2008)

Intel offers a glimpse at its technologies of the future in CNET News by Charles Cooper (6 March 2008)

Experiemental Interaction Unit (EIU) Technology Projects in Make Magazine Technology blog by Phillip Torrone 25 January 2008


Revenge By Gadget in The Wall Street Journal by Jennifer Saranow 17 August 2007

Air Quality by SMS by David Pescovitz in Boing Boing 11 June 2007

Get Air Quality Reports on Your Mobile Phone by Mark Frauenfelder in Rule the Web 5 June 2007

Sensory Power of Mobiles (see page 7) in Futurelab Vision 5 Magazine Summer/Autumn 2007

Familiar Strangrs Help Make Your Day by Misty Harris in Vancouver Sun, Calgary Herald, Regina Leader-Post, Cranbrook Daily Townsman, Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, Daily News Halifax, Winnipeg Free Press, Daily Bulletin Kimberley, Montreal Gazette, and Daily News Nanaimo 18 May 2007

Participatory Urbanism by Jason Lopez in We Make Money Not Art 3 April 2007

Participatory Urbanism by John Monburg in Urban Communication 30 March 2007

Objects of Wonderment by Jason Lopez in PodTech 29 March 2007


Companies step up to fund basic research by Barbara Grady in Oakland Tribune 3 April 2006

C.S. and the City by David Pescovitz in Make Magazine volume 5, Feb 2006

Inter Active City in Backbone: Business, Technology, Lifestyle Magazine September 2006

Cell City: A San Francisco Conference Links Art, Urbanism, and Technology by Judith Zissman in Architecture Magazine, October 2006


Networked Artwork by Leah Hoffmann in Forbes November 2005

The Big Idea by David Pescovitz in Salon November 2005

No Place to Hide at RFID Tracking Party by Declan McCullagh in CNET News October 2005

Meet Our Researchers by Jeannine Drew May 2005

Metropolis: Art and the City by Pierluigi Casolari Drew in Gulliver Magazine (Italia) Spring 2005

Random Acts of Technology by Linda Baker (Illustrations by John Hersey) in Southwest Airlines in flight Magazine Spirit May 2005

Telerobots Separated at Birth by David Pescovitz in Boing Boing 18 May 2005

Building the city of Tomorrow by Randy Gragg in The Oregonian 13 April 2005

Berkeley Team Produces Trashcan that Projects Its Contents in Engadget 22 February 2005

Material Worlds in Purse Lip Square Jaw  28 February 2005


A Phone is a Phone is a... in NY Arts November/December 2004

Urban Renewal the Wireless Way by Linda Baker in Salon 25 November 2004

Urban Computing, Minima Magazine, Sept 2004

Jabberwocky : à la recherche des "étrangers familiers" in La Fing 25 May 2004

Our Emerging Urban Computing Landscape: Familiar Strangers in Vodaphone Receiver 10 June 2004

Life Imitates Art at Intel in Slashdot 14 May 2004

Intel: Keeping Tabs on Your Slithy Toves by Mark Frauenfelder in The Feature 11 May 2004

Urban Atmospheres/Urban Probes by Howard Rheingold in The Feature 10 May 2004

The Year in Technology 2003: Friend Frenzy by Jennifer Saranow in Wall Street Journal 11 December 2003 (locally cached version)


The Pulse of Love in a Digital Age by Daniel P. Jajeh in Intel Circuit 3 December 2003

Eric Paulos, the Playful Roboticist by Mark Frauenfelder in The Feature 25 July 2003

Alum Walks a Fine Line Between Sociology and Technology Research in Berkeley Engineering News 27 October 2003


March 2001  Net-Robotterne er over os by Sebastian Swiatecki (Denmark)

July 2000  UTILIZAÇÕES ARTÍSTICAS de Imagens em Directo na World Wide Web(Brazilian)

4 May 2000 ProP in Tomorrow’s World by on BBC, UK

15 Mar 2000 High Tech Is the Art in San Francisco by Sally McGrane in New York Times

16 Jan 2000 Fantastico (Brazilian Science TV show)

Jan 2000 ARTBYTE

1 July 1999 Robotterne Kommer in  Ingeniøren | Net(Denmark) by Sebastian Swiatecki

13 June 1999 Net Cafe PBS TV Show

?? 1999 The Globe and Mail

April 1999 “Non chiamatelo pallone gonfiato” in Focus Magazine (Italia) Image: (1)

4 April 1999 TO BHMA "On Line" Greek newspaper by Gr.A.Mhliareshs

March/April 1999 Be There Now: Telepresnce Art Online in FlashArt pp. 51-52 by David Pescovitz

Feb 1999 SVM by Emile Servan-Schreiber (French Science Magazine).  Images: (1) (2) (3)

Feb 1999 Internet News Italia

?? 1998 Beyond Computers (listen to mp3 file), NPR by John Rieger

23 June 1998 Virtual Slap: A Keynote Presentation in by Adam Karrera

September 1998 That's Me in the Middle in New Scientist by Brandon Brown

July 1998 "Hey Gang, Let's Put On A Show" Survival Research Labs up against it...again in SF Gate by Arline Klatte

July 1998 Report on Web 98 West: A Developer's Conference in Spectrum by Howard Dyckoff

July 1998 Java Goes To the Extreme in JavaWorld and IDG publication by Jill Steinberg

June 1998 Mosters, Spies, and Implants in Wired News by Judy DeMocker.

1997 ICRO Varig In-Flight Magazine

December 1997 "Leave Your Body Behind" in ID (International Design) Magazine (page 83) by David Pescovitz

December 1997 Tele-embodiment from Space Browsers to Surface Cruisers: An Interview with Eric Paulos in Fringecore Magazine / Beyond Transgression by Dee

3 December 1997 Interface in The London Times, UK by Nicholas Booth

3 December 1997 Child's Play to Fly your Own Blimp in The London Times, UK by Nicholas Booth

November 1997 "The Blimp Cam for Tele-embodiment: Mobot Avatars Bring Back Real World Images" in Advanced Imaging by Francis Hamit

19 September 1997 Le Ballon Webcam on Canal+ / Cyberflash

27 August 1997 ShadowServer Creates Mysterious Web Art in Wired News by David Pescovitz

12 August 1997 Space Browser in Cyclus Magazine by Ruben Brave. 7 August 1997 Is It Real, or Is It Robotics? in Wired News by David Pescovitz

July 1997 Money to Burn in Stim by David Pescovitz

13 July 1997 Japanese Press on performance at the ICC, Japan in Be-nas (Japanese) by Editor, Morley Robertson

22 July 1997 A Primative Vibe from High-Tech Bodies of Art in Wired by David Pescovitz

23 June 1997 Joysticks Jerk, Shake, Buzz - and Evolve in Wired by Bob Parks

June 1997 "The Robotic Billfold" in Mondo 2000 (number 16) by Justine Herbert

4 May 1997 "Space Browser Cruises Campus" in The Washington Times

8 Apil 1997 "Talkative Space Browser Makes Telepresence Felt" in The Australian, Australia

April 1997 ComputerLife Magazine (Buzz Section)

23 March 1997 Floating robot that can "see' and "talk' in San Francisco Examiner

March 1997 Net Dutch Internet Magazine (cover)

? Janurary 1997 UC Berkeley Forefront Magazine

23 Janurary 1997 The Internet Caffe, PBS, TV

Janurary 1997 "Visionaries of the New Millennium", Java Monthly

28 December 1996 NextStep Television

December 1996 Being Dirigible in Wired Magazine 4.12 (p.278).

Noveber 1996 "????" Interview and Demo for Brazilian Technology show Scientia.

20 November 1996 Space Browser in WebMonkey on HotWired

? August 1996 Interview with Vladimir Muzhesky

? August 1996 Fox Television Network

6 August 1996 Inventor Floats Blimp as Video Link, The Times Picayune by Stewart Yerton (New Orleans during SIGGRAPH visit). Images: (1) (2) (3)

? August 1996 CNN Television Network

14 July 1996 Lost in the Cyberspace Translation: There's something missinging online `art' by Kenneth Baker, Chronicle Art Critic, The San Francisco Chronicle

? July 1996 CyberLife Television Show on Discovery Channel

2 June 1996 Article in the leading Swiss Sunday Newspaper, SonntagsZeitung

26 May 1996 "Flying Video Phones Head for the Internet" in The Sunday Times (UK and Ireland) by Max Glaskin. (image)

"Blimp Cam: An idea that may be ready to take off" in Philadelphia Online Inquirer May 1996.

Mention in Wed Addict by Wes Thomas, 26 April 1996.

"Telerobotic Space Browsers Push Envelope Of Cyber Communication" in UC Engineering News by Tamar Laddy, 22 April 1996.

"Airship Online" article appears in Contra Costa Times by Katherine Edwards, 20 April 1996.  Images: (1) (2) (3)

"Above It All" in Los Angeles Times by David Pescovitz, 1 April 1996. (JPG 136 KB)" or

"Browse Real Space with the Web Blimp" in c|net by Michelle Hoffman, March 1996.

"I, Roboticist" in Spiv by David Pescovitz, January 1996.

Details Magazine, Futurama (Item 3: Wunderkids), "Net Worth: Charting the Internet's Class Structure", January 1996.

29 November 1995, KALX Radio. Discussion and interview of the SRL Crime Wave show on 26 November 1995.



Envisioning Cyberspace: Designing 3-D Electronic Space, by Peter Anders, 1998

Robots, Androids, and Animatrons by John Iovine, 1998

Robo Sapiens: Evolution of a New Species by Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisio, 2000

Natural Bord Cyborgsby Andy Clark, Oxford University Press, 2003

World of Art: Digital Artby Christiane Paul, Thames and Hudson Ltd Press, 2003

Follow For Now (TOC) by Roy Christopher, 2007



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