I am very fortunate to work with a tremendously talented group of collaborators all challenged to envision, innovate, and create our future disruptive technologies.

Current PhD Students

Graduated and Former PhD Students

Served on Thesis Committee

  • 2004 Alison Sant, MA Design Thesis Committee, Visual Studies in the Architecture Department, UC Berkeley
  • 2009 Opponent for Maria Håkansson PhD Thesis Defense, Playing with Context: Explicit and Implicit Interaction in Mobile Media Applications in Man-Machine Interaction, Stockholm University.
  • 2011 Asa Foster, BFA Advisor, School of Art, Carnegie Mellon University.
  • 2011 Oscar Peters, MFA Thesis Committee, School of Art, Carnegie Mellon University.
  • 2011 Ronit Slyper, PhD Thesis Committee, Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University.
  • 2012 Audrey Desjardins, MS Thesis Committee, School of Interactive Arts and Technology, Simon Frasier University.
  • 2012 Tawanna Dillahunt, PhD Thesis Committee, Carnegie Mellon University Human-Computer Interaction Institute, Using Social Technologies to Increase Sharing and Communication around Household Energy Consumption in Low-Income and Rental Communities.
  • 2012 Siamak Faridani, MS Thesis Committee, EECS, UC Berkeley, A Succinct Control Theory Derivation and New Experiments with the Square-Root Variant of Fitts’ Law for Heterogeneous Targets.
  • 2012 David Sun, MS Thesis Committee, EECS, UC Berkeley, A High Accuracy, Low-latency, Scalable Microphone-array System for Conversation Analysis.
  • 2013 Andrew Krioukov, PhD Thesis Committee, EECS, UC Berkeley, Building Application Stack.
  • 2013 Stuart Geiger,, PhD Thesis Committee, School of Information, UC Berkeley.
  • 2015 Oscar Segovia, Masters Thesis Second Reader, ME, M.Eng., UC Berkeley.
  • 2015 Lee Hamstra, Masters Thesis Second Reader, ME, M.Eng., UC Berkeley.
  • 2015 Laura Devendorf, PhD Thesis Committee, Information School, UC Berkeley.
  • 2015 Michael Karlesky, PhD Thesis Committee, NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, New York City.
  • 2015 Valkyrie Savage, PhD Thesis Committee Chair, EECS, UC Berkeley.
  • 2015 Lark Buckingham, MFA Thesis Committee, Art Practice, UC Berkeley.

Post Doctoral, Visitors, undergraduate Students, and Interns

  • Intel Research 2002 – 2008
    • Elizabeth Goodman (NYU Interactive Telecommunication Program), later at UCB
    • Parul Vora (Stanford), now at Wikipedia
    • Anthony Burke (UC Berkeley) - now Director of the Masters of Digital Architecture at the University of Technology, Sydney
    • August Joki (UCLA) now at Nokia Research Palo Alto
    • Jason LeBrun (UC Davis)
    • Tom Jenkins (Royal College of Art, Interaction Design), now at Google
    • Linda Nielsen (Cultural Anthropologist, University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
    • Mamie Rheingold (Stanford), now at Google
    • Chris Beckmann (UC Berkeley), now at Google
    • Alison Sant, Thesis Committee, (Visual Studies in the Architecture Department, UC Berkeley), now co-founder Studio for Urban projects
    • Elizabeth Goodman (UC Berkeley)
    • Ben Hooker, Visiting Faculty, (Royal College of Art, Interaction Design), now Associate Professor, Media Design Program, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA
    • RJ Honicky (PhD UC Berkeley), now at Nokia Research
  • Carnegie Mellon University 2008 – 2012
    • 2011 Sai Ram Yamanoor (MS Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University)
    • 2010 Craig Fahner (MFA School of Art, Carnegie Mellon University)
    • 2010 George Davis (BS Electrical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University)
    • 2009 Paul Shen (BS Carnegie Mellon University) (now at Facebook)
    • 2008-12 Tawanna Dillahunt (PhD Carnegie Mellon University) (with Jen Mankoff)
  • UC Berkeley 2012 – 2015 Undergraduate Students
  • Achal Dave, Jasper O’Leary, Akhila Raju, Atash Parakh, Andrew Kim, Rundong Tian, Kenny Wang, Allen Li, Elizabeth Lin, Sangeetha Alagappan, Jung-Lin Lee, Deborah Ma, Utkarsh Dalal, Ryo Mayes, Serena Chang, Andrew Fang, Neil Kumar, Vivek Srivatsa, David Bui, Nathan Wong, Lesley Chiang, JJ Kuwata, Eric O'Neil, Anthony Bailey, Nicholas Firmani, Tomas Vega, Ethan Chiou, Jessica Chiu, Lydia Lee, Soham Shah, Eric O’Neill, Maxwell Rutman, Ethan Chiou.