First Iteration

Final Design

Scenario 1

After a busy day at Bloomberg, Jagjit is tired. He's too tired to cook, and he has a craving for spicy chicken shahi korma. He pulls out his iPhone and opens up Foodle and types, "Where can I get good spicy and authentic chicken shahi korma?" The question is sent and Jagjit sees that it will take approximately 15 minutes for him to receive a response. Putting his iPhone back into his pocket, Jagjit looks at his computer screen and sighs, "two more hours…"

"Buzz buzz!" Jagjit swipes on his iPhone, and sees that someone has responded to his question. Naiyana has suggested that he should get the chicken shahi korma at Tamarind. "How is their aloo paratha?", he asks Naiyana. It's been a long time since he had fresh flat bread from his home in Punjab. "It's pretty good. The nice thing about it, is that it comes fresh from the oven." Naiyana replies. "Excellent!" Jagjit thought. He decided he would go grab it on his way back home from work.

At 6 pm, Jagjit walks over to Tamarind and orders a chicken shahi korma and a serving of aloo paratha for take out. Soon after, Jagjit is at home and has his first taste of the chicken and paratha. "It feels like I'm right at home", Jagjit thought. He pulls out Foodle on his iPhone and decides to give Naiyana 4 stars for her excellent recommendation.

Scenario 2

Jagjit has finished his afternoon jog on a Saturday afternoon. He was planning on having dinner with his cousin in Manhattan, but hasn't decided on a place to eat yet. Jagjit opens up Foodle on his iPhone. He has a craving for Thai food, but isn't sure which restaurant he should go to. Jagjit types, "Where can I get good Pad Thai?" and hits enter. The system informs him that he will get a response in 15 minutes.

Fifteen minutes later, Jagjit's iPhone vibrates. Another Foodle user called Melody had answered his question. "Hi Jagjit, I see you're looking for Thai food again. I see that you're a seafood person. If you want pad thai, Spice is good. Their pad thai is tangy, the noodle texture is fresh, and the seafood they put in it is great. They also have a good curry selection."

Jagjit had asked Melody for a Thai food recommendation before and gave her positive feedback for her recommendation. Interested, he messaged Melody back, "Yeah, I really liked the Musamman curry for the previous place you recommended me. Spice sounds good; I've heard about other people giving it good recommendations in the past."

Jagjit then goes to Spice with his cousin and orders the pad thai. He really enjoyed the jumbo shrimp they added in the pad thai, and gave Melody positive feedback.

Basic Interaction Design 2011   |   Human-Computer Interaction Institute   |   Carnegie Mellon University