Research Synthesis Design Solution









01 Top 5 ideas

After presenting the inital 20 ideas to the class, everyone voted on their favorite concepts. Using this feedback as well as our own personal preferences, we narrowed down the list of ideas to the following 5:


IDEA 1: Use projector to project areas of “personal space,” also combine this with interactive games (e.g. tic-tac-toe or a traveling beach ball that everyone can hit)
Sunbathers, people on the grass

o Feelings about interaction
o People want to be around others, but not too close
o Motivations: Work vs. relaxing

• Needs:
o Social: “Familiar strangers”

• Validation:
o How obtrusive should projections be? If it’s too obtrusive or bright, will it be disturbing?


IDEA 2: Use video/still cameras stationed around the grass area to capture/record memories and send them to the people involved
o Groups of friends, families
o Anyone with time to kill
o People who are alone but want to send a message to others who aren’t there

• Research:
o Observed people taking pictures
o Parents photographing children, but not in picture themselves
o Popular “photo shoot” spots: Cathedral in background, fountain

• Needs:
o Emotional (preserve memories)
o Social (sharing moments)

• Validation:
o Find out about privacy concerns
o Determine how to make it customizable/track specific groups
o Multiple cameras?


IDEA 3: Display information about interesting events going on nearby at a given time. Could project this onto street corners bordering the plaza
• Audience:
o Groups of people who are there just to kill time
o People who are alone

• Research:
o Some groups went to the park with no specific goals, just showed up and didn’t know what to do…
o Also research how many people pass by the park (pedestrian traffic)

• Needs:
o Functional/social: Find things to do with current group of people, become more involved in the community

• Validation:
o Are people interested in finding things to do?
o Do they already know what is happening in the area?
o How actively are they seeking this out?

IDEA 4: Use cameras to recognize books that people are reading and provide recommendations or other information
• Audience:
o People who are reading (most likely leisure readers)

• Research:
o Many people were reading, some for work and some for pleasure

• Needs:
o Functional (find other things they might enjoy)…Capitalize off of the location of Schenley Plaza (right in between two libraries and near a bookstore)

• Validation:
o Do people want to know about what others are reading? Or just themselves?
o How can this system be more advantageous than looking up catalogue or Amazon info on the Internet?

IDEA 5: Provide visualizations of photos of Schenley Plaza over time (time-lapse)
• Audience:
o Both people who are in the plaza and passers-by
o Could even include people in the Cathedral of Learning, looking out the window

• Research:
o What do people know about the area?

• Needs:
o Aesthetic (pleasant visualizations to look at)
o Emotional (attachment to place, nostalgia, passage of time)

• Validation:
o Would people like to contribute their own photos?
o How much repeat traffic is there?
o What kinds of pictures are interesting to show?







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