Research Synthesis Design Solution


Speed dating 02







02 Speed dating


Next, we took the 5 ideas to users for further validation, using the speed dating method, in order to assess which concept was the most popular with the target group and hence worth pursuing.

Idea 1: Personal space and games

Findings: People liked the group game. Hated the personal bubble. Didn’t want anything “projected” on the lawn at all.

Idea 2: Shared video memento

Findings: People were interested in this but had concerns about privacy violation.

Idea 3: Book detection and recommendations

Findings: People were not excited about this. Preferred to walk up to the library themselves and felt the system would encourage laziness.

Idea 4: Events going on in the area

Findings: Everyone liked it. Minor concerns about advertising through the system came up.

Idea 5: Time-lapse view

Findings: This was not interesting to people.




Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University