Research Synthesis Design Solution


Initial ideas 03




03 Initial ideas

After having selected our site and gotten a good idea about people's activities and needs in that space, we then brainstormed several ideas of things that we could potentially implement in the Schenley Plaza space. These included the following:

1. Perform some type of mechanical work to receive food at kiosks

2. Sunburn prevention monitor

3. Improve laptop viewing

4. Take pictures - make people feel surrounded by others

5. Take pictures and e-mail them

6. Display pictures from past few months: Bird's eye view

7. Project images of beach towels to indicate where to sit

8. Help lead people to find their friends in the park

9. Project "personal space bubbles"

10. Project games between people who are not sitting together (to encourage interaction)

11. Project most popular food/beverage items being ordered

12. Detect kids and help them play together

13. Detect book covers (for people who are reading) and offer reading recommendations

14. Detect books being read and show what is available at the Carnegie Library

15. Display tweets or news about the plaza

16. Sense and record family moments (so that all members can be included)

17. Check out blankets/towels, provide some statistics

18. Music network - People can listen to the same things: Together but separate

19. Track a person's loyalty to the plaza (repeat visitors)

20. Display events going on in the area

21. Display stats: CMU vs. Pitt




Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University