Research Synthesis Design Solution


Site observations 02
Initial ideas 03


02 Site observations


The context:

  • Located on Forbes
  • Occupies five acres of land
  • Surrounded by:
    - Carnegie Library
    - Hillman Library
    - Cathedral of Learning
    - Schenley Park
    - Frick Fine Arts Building

  • Feature List:
    - Grassy quad
    - Four dining kiosks
    - Movable chairs and cafe tables
    - A tented area for shade
    - Unlimited free wi-fi
    - PNC Carousel

People on lawn:

- Couples

- Families with kids

- Friends

- Individuals



Activities on lawn:

- Sunbathing

- Talking/hanging out in groups (friends)

- Playing with kids; taking pictures and videos of kids

- Napping

- Working individually – laptop, mobile phones, books and paper, reading books

- Pet-walking



People in pavilion

- Individuals trying to work

- Groups discussing work

- Families with kids and food

- Pet-walkers and joggers passing by

Features of/ activities in pavilion:

- Movable chairs

- Free  Wi-Fi

- Music from the carousel

- Eating/snacking

- Watching people

- Discussing / Chatting

- People taking pictures of the Cathedral




Why people came:

- To enjoy the sun

- To kill time between classes

- To eat lunch

- To meet friends

- To work

- Just the right level of crowdedness

- Close to home


Needs people exhibited:

- Being close to others, but not too close

- Being productive in a distracting environment

- Enjoying the good weather while it lasts

- Spending quality time with children

Activity Maps


Talking/Hanging out


Playing with children




Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University