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Brick and mortar 03

User needs

03 Brick and mortar observation


We visited a local, state-run wine and spirits store to observe how people shopped for wine in a "traditional" environment. We interviewed shoppers about what they were looking for and how they decided on what to purchase. Selected findings from two shoppers are:




Male, mid-late 40's


Female, mid-late 20's




Through personal experience

Online research, reviews, Robert Parker (wine critic)



Knows she likes certain grapes

Taste at restaurants, social settings


Purchase habits


Certain grapes from certain regions (Shiraz from Australia)

Reasonably priced, $15 or less

Seeks out bargains, sometimes seasonal

Buys by the case

Goes out of state for better selection



Based on a little knowledge of preferences (friend likes Rieslings)

Looks for cheap wines, $15 or under

Attractive bottle or label



Consumer habits


Buys wine for parties he hosts

Has a few cases on hand at home


Brings wine as party gift

Has 1-2 bottles at home to share with roommate on days off






Human-Computer Interaction Institute . Carnegie Mellon University